Local woman disappointed that “date night” designed to include husband.

Man and woman dating in a restaurant terrace but she is boring while he speaks

Catalina, CA —  After learning about some local woman that were participating in “date nights”, Catalina resident Cynthia Powers  was very excited and decided to plan her very own night on the town.   Everything was going as planned until she notified her husband of her plans.

“He was very excited and seemed genuinely pleased, Cynthia recounted.  I had no idea why until it hit me.  He was planning on coming with me on the date!  I was devastated.  My entire evening.  The spa, the meal, the after dinner drink at a hotel bar were all trashed.  He actually though I wanted him to come with me. It was so sad I had to bring him along.”

When reached for comment, Cynthia’s husband Wade declared the evening was “the best night ever” and hoped to setup a recurring date night at least once a week.  “You can’t buy that kind of quality time”, he added.

After conferring with friends, Cynthia confirmed that they do, in fact, include their husbands on date night, but are considering changing that policy.

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