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Kid Rock excited about potential cabinet position in Trump administration


Washington —  Kid Rock announced his possible transition to public office during a performance at the annual Summer Freedom Slam Rock Festival on Lake Michigan last week.  Kid took time in between songs to address his potential retirement from the summer slam rock circuit to pursue a cabinet position in the Trump administration.

“Yea man, we’ve totally spoken about it.  We just need to figure out where my talents can best serve the big boss man.   We are both each others favorite entertainers, so it’s gonna be fuckin’ wasted cool to work together”

Harley ride succeeds in raising noise pollution awareness

Harley Ride

Lewistown, PA — Thousands of Harley-Davison motorcyles riders converged on communities nationwide last Saturday to support a cause.  Local residents we spoke to were unsure of the cause or how much support was raised.   However, most residents reported being much more aware of very loud obnoxious noise during their normal Saturday routines.

When asked for comment,  one rider was unsure of what they were supporting, but was very proud of the fact that he was sacrificing a Saturday afternoon to support a cause by doing something he was going to do anyway.